1. The competition is open to candidates of any nationality. For categories X, Y and Z the age limit is set at 30 years, the 30th birthday not having been reached by the date of the competition.
  2. Performances are public.
  3. All works for piano solos will be executed by heart; scores will be authorized only for works for piano duet and chamber music.
  4. Photocopies of scores are forbidden.
  5. Registration can be carried out either online or by surface mail using the registration form. In the case of surface mail registration, candidates have to supply a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  6. Candidates have to provide: their date of birth, the letter corresponding to their category, the title, opus, and key or number of the works they are presenting, the name of their music school as well as that of their teacher. Without this information, candidates will not be admitted.
  7. In the case of categories X, Y and Z, the application will be validated only after a photocopy of the applicant's ID card or passport is received, joined to the registration fee or uploaded on the competition Web site.
  8. Candidates can appear in several categories; a registration fee is requested for every category.
  9. The registration fee is not reimbursable, unless the competition is cancelled.
  10. Candidates from the 1st weekend who are not able to attend the graduation ceremony will have to supply a self-addressed stamped size A4 envelope, mentioning their category.
  11. In categories X, Y and Z, prizes will be awarded only in the physical presence of the prize-winner at the ceremony taking place on Monday of the second weekend. In case of absence the candidate may be disqualified.
  12. Travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of participants.
  13. Nevertheless, as far as possible, unaccompanied candidates who are selected to stay for the 2nd weekend can benefit from free hosting by a voluntary host family.
  14. Any registration implies the acceptance of the present competition rules. Candidates must appear on the day and at the hour mentioned on the notification, which they will receive approximately two weeks before the date of the competition. If you do not receive notification, please inform the competition office as soon as possible. Photocopies of the notification are accepted.
  15. Candidates will be asked to inform the competition office in case of absence.
  16. The jury can interrupt the candidate during performance.
  17. The jury reserves the right not to award all prizes.
  18. No member of the jury will present a candidate in categories X, Y and Z.
  19. Results:
  20. No complaint will be admitted and the decisions of the jury are final.
(Version of June 6th, 2009)